Boyle’s Law: John Boyle was once a forensic scientist for the Albuquerque police specializing in detecting airborne particles. Then he was framed for a crime he did not commit. Now, stripped of his badge, Boyle uses his unique detective skills to serve up vigilante justice from his very own hot-air balloon! When John Boyle is on the case, the heat is on, and the pressure is rising! (Assuming volume stays relatively constant.) Mondays at 9!

Absolute Zeroes: When it comes to a show about nothing, Seinfeld doesn’t hold a candle to Absolute Zeroes. In this groundbreaking reality series, we follow a group of graduate physics students researching cryogenics and superconductivity. As they spend countless hours in the lab ignoring friends, family, nutrition and sunlight in the pursuit of publication, you will see what life is like when people start being real – and stop being thermodynamic! Tuesdays at 8!

Maxwell’s Demon: Meet Max Comstock and his roommate Damon. Max is thirty-two and just moved to New York to try and write his novel. “Damon” is a demon with an obsession for neatness that goes way beyond coasters and filing cabinets. Damon hates it when Max drinks milk straight from the carton. Max hates it when Damon puts all of the apartment’s oxygen molecules in the hall closet. When this odd couple attempts to live together in a small two bedroom apartment, the laughs don’t stop. See for yourself, Wednesdays at 8:30!

The Uncertainty Principle: Gail Heisenberg was always career-oriented, but focusing on where she was going meant she never paid attention to where she was. Now Gail is forty, and her life has all the “city” with none of the “sex”: her best friend is her receptionist and her love life consists of her neighbor spying on her. She’s in a great position professionally, but when it comes to her personal life, it’s anyone’s guess where her momentum will take her. Come along, Thursdays at 9!

Schrodinger’s Cat: When he was fifteen years old, little Tommy Schrodinger had a cat named Erwin. Then Tommy left a window open and his cat ran away. Every night Tommy went to bed wondering what became of his cat, hoping it was still alive. Ten years later, Tommy is in for the surprise of his life when Erwin walks through the door. There’s only one problem: the door is closed. As if being 25 wasn’t hard enough, Tommy now has to do it with a cat that has two superpositioned quantum states… and an attitude. Move over Garfield, this offbeat animated comedy is coming to purr-ime time, Fridays at 7!