This is a collaborative poem written by Grade 5 and 6 students on the contents of a “jar.” This jar was a prop that was used to discuss poetry and science, as well as segue into a DIY cloud chamber activity for detection of sub atomic particles.

– – –

I think hockey pucks are moving in the jar.
I think there is moving stuff* in the jar! (*germs, ebola, chemicals)
I think there is air in the jar.
I think the jar has the WORLD CUP!

I think creativity is in the jar.
The taste of pizza is in the jar!!!
I think a stinky fart is in the jar.

A. Lauren, A. EC, unicorn magic, Fred,
Candy, Jenna, EC, Dog, Watermelon, Ocean,
Sea, Fish, Sand, Sky,
Clouds, Palm trees, Cupcakes,

Hockey, Chips, ICE CREAM, bulls.

I think Harry Potter is in the jar.
I think Hermione Granger is in the jar.
I think Pusheen is in the jar.
I imagine one hundred and eleven google plextillion McDonald fries.

I think Grumple food is in the jar.
I think Emmanuel is in the jar studying.
I think a platypus is in the jar!
Gravity, imagination, Vishnugupt, Air, Oxygen, EC, and Me.
Josh, Ria, Lyle, Happy, tape, Clay, Lauren, Jenna, telephones.
Gravity, John, Imagination, Air, Oxygen, Daniel, I’M IN THE JAR!
Lauren, Jen Jen, Troy, tape, Chris, Diego, Char Char Banks, MAGIC,
Friendship, MR. Junior, PICKLE, A mini jar, PHONES!

I think gumballs are in the jar.
I think rainbows are in the jar.
I think kittens are in the jar.