ADVANCED QUANTUM THERMODYNAMICS (is a subject I know very little about)

This is the title of a new book that collects the various published science humour and creative non-fiction writings of David Ng. See how clever one looks, even whilst “pretend reading” it!

Great for the “hipster that doesn’t get science” but who wants to look like the “hipster that gets Advanced Quantum Thermodynamics.” Great also for the scientist who would rather procrastinate and read funny science things instead of setting up those pesky positive and negative controls.

Examples of the writing include silliness like:

The Von Trapp Children Speak to a Geneticist (McSweeney’s)

The Six Degrees of Bacon (BoingBoing)

Isaac Newton Standing on the Shoulder of Giants: Excerpts from his Diary (Science Creative Quarterly)

On sale for US$9.74 or CAN$13.90. Click here to purchase!

Free creative commons pdf (BY-NC-SA) version available by clicking here*.

*If you like it, consider buying a copy for your friend or for your local library.