This is a collaborative poem written by Grade 4 and 5 students on the contents of a “jar.” This jar was a prop that was used to discuss poetry and science, as well as segue into a DIY cloud chamber activity for detection of sub atomic particles.

– – –

Air, hot, and oxygen and nothing but dogs and cats and breathing.
I think an explosive is in the jar.
I think a pickle now is in the jar.
Nothing but kittens, nothing but love.

The space is in the jar.
A tiny creature is in the jar.
I (me) am (me) in-in-in the jar.

A rack full in the water.
Air that smells like pickles.
There is gravity that pushes down.
Oxygen that floats.

Atoms are in the jar.
There are gumballs in the jar.
Baby rhinos in the jar.
The sun shining.

In the jar, there is nature and the universe.
In the jar, there is space and stars.
An invisible baby tiger is in the jar.
Spies are watching us in the jar.
In the jar, there is empty space but one thing… Signs of life from the air. It is alive.

Air, air, air in the jar. Dust, dust, dust in the jar. Pickles in the jar.
A man stranded on the moon with a burger.
It could be biohazardous chemicals.
Air, air, air is in the JAR.