My ideal microbe
has sharp teeth, fury and green.
It eats my homework.

It likes math homework the best,
but it will eat anything.

My ideal microbe
absolutely hates the sun,
drinks ocean water.

He smells like sour lemonade,
but he doesn’t like lemons.

Jonathan Chan and Carl Laurente
David Lloyd George Elementary

– – –

My perfect microbe
is a champion athlete:
she has gold medals.

She’s a male microbe magnet
and is the envy of germs.

My perfect microbe
has never disobeyed me.
She will come as I call.

She is always by my side
with elegance and delight.

Maddy Wiecke, Sarah Cook, and Marika Pollock
Lord Kitchener Elementary School

– – –

My ideal microbe
is black and truly friendly
and makes me money.

It produces all my food
and is my best bodyguard.

My ideal microbe:
it looks like a chicken
with a big, fat nose.

It has big beady eyes that
are green and really shiny.

Phillip Tan and Jonathan Eenkhoorn
William of Orange Christian School

– – –

My helpful microbe
helps me eat my vegetables
when I am too full.

Can give me my medicine
and makes me better again.

My philanthropist
microbe, helps clean the city
and donates to the funds.

Cures human beings’ cancer,
helps and cures other microbes.

Samantha and Jing Llorente
Trafalgar Elementary School

– – –