The Terry Talks YouTube experiment.

For those of you at this year’s Terry talks, you’ll obviously be aware of our little YouTube experiment. In any event, I present to you the fruit of that labour below.

If you weren’t at the conference, here is the gist: audience members were ask to participate by brainstorming, pitching, choosing, and then executing an activity amenable to recording via YouTube. This was done during the odd free 5 minutes here and there in the conference program. In total I think about 20 minutes in all was used to get the material for the video.

Big thank you to the all involved, and related to this (and if you are a UBC student), be aware that we are now formally taking applications for the next Terry talks (v.2009), which will be held in late September (possibly early October).

Also, for those that like archiving generally, here is the original Terry talk note (i.e. the pitch from hundred that we recieved that day) that led to the idea – not sure who was the owner of the card, but if it’s you, do let us know.