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Dr. Hadi Dowlatabadi
Canada Research Chair, Professor of Applied Mathematics and Global Change.
October 24th, 2008
It’s Your Experiment!” Science Teacher Conference.
Michael Smith Laboratories, UBC

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Description: A 25 minute lecture looking at the value of integration in the pursuit of science and science education.

Prof Dowlatabadi research interests involve systems approach to public policy especially when dealing with scientifically complex issues such as interactions between energy, environment and public health; communicable and vector-borne diseases (HIV/AIDS, malaria, dengue, …); and Global change mitigation, impacts and adaptation. Hadi Dowlatabadi is viewed as something of a luminary in integrated research systems. He’s been credited with almost single-handedly bringing broad-scale assessment models into popular use. Because of his work, climate and energy research can now be observed in an integrated way.